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As molecular recognition continues to gain importance in the biological and physical sciences as well as in the technologies of molecular electronics and optics, so has the need for efficient syntheses of chiral molecules. Chemists are fulfilling this need through use of chiral organometallic molecules. These chiral metal complexes precisely discriminate between enantiotropy atoms, groups, or faces in achiral molecules and catalyze production of a broad array of natural or unnatural substances of excellent enanatiomeric purity. Because of their ability to efficiently multiply chirality, even on an industrial level, these catalysts promise to exert a general impact on molecular science and engineering.

Suitably designed chiral metal complexes not only catalyse organic reactions in the homogenous phase but also control the steric course in the absolute sense with free energy difference between enantiomers of 10kj/mol, which correspondence to a 99.1 stereo-selectivity. A wide variety of highly selective asymmetric reactions catalyzed by chiral (salen)metal complexes have been disclosed. Salen ligands are among the most synthetically accessible frameworks for asymmetric catalysts, and their structures are readily tuned both sterically and electronically.

Terpene and Catalyst is devising its path on the above technological advances while assuming social responsibility on environmental front to usher into green chemistry.

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